About Heidy Santos

Heidy Santos de Gonzalez born in Dominican Republic in 1982 did a bachelor in business and started the career in fashion design but then moved to the USA in 2012 with her family and didn't finish. She always wanted to paint but it wasn't until she got married and had her first child that she began to paint. Heidy is very optimistic and thinks that it is never too late to start when you are passionate about something. She loves Jesus and sold some of her business to dedicate time to study the bible and paint.

She went to an art school in Dominican Republic for 3 months in 2004 to learn the basics of fine arts. Then came her second child a girl but that did not stop her, she dedicated her pregnancy to painting and developing the techniques. After having her second baby she spent hours painting which caused pain in her back and the doctors suggested to take a break. So that made her take a pause for a few years, although she then resumed and has been painting to date.

She likes to paint animals and fruits. Her works have an impressionist style and she is focused on making paintings with sentimental value and is painting her clients' pets and special memories.